Come celebrate the opening of Red Lodge Mountain and an epic ski season. This season, the snow will feel a little deeper, the jumps a little higher and the views from the top will be just a bit more inspiring. Get stoked, be inspired, because “Winter Starts Now”—the 72nd film from Warren Miller Entertainment.

Win a pair of skis and/or a $500 gift certificate to Boot RX. Raffle proceeds will benefit the Silver Run Nordic Team and Tim from Boot Rx will lead the heads and tails game at intermission for a chance to win a $500 gift certificate at Boot Rx and fun giveaway swag.  Carry on the tradition, we will see you on the Mountain and at the Roman!!!

  • Friday November 26, 2021
  • Doors Open at 6:15 pm
  • Showtime 7:00 pm
  • Full concessions with Beer & Wine
  • Tickets, $15 adults (18 and older), $10 students/children

Warren Miller is back with our 72nd annual film “Winter Starts Now,” featuring the best snowriding from the mom and pop ski hill down the street to the highest peak on the horizon.

Join us for a road trip through the Rocky Mountains, experience classic New England skiing, and hitch a ride up the coast of Alaska. Along the way, we’ll be joined by old friends like Marcus CastonAmie Engerbretson, and Jim Ryan. We’re speed riding with JT Holmes and hitting the moguls with Jonny Moseley. We’ll meet rising stars Madison Rose and Paralympic snowboarder Noah Elliott, and follow along as Vasu Sojitra and Pete McAfee complete the first-ever disabled ski descent of Denali. Buckle up for an adventure, because Winter Starts Now.

 Featured Athletes
Noah Elliott | Amy Taisey | Phil Taisey | Rob Lu | Peter McDowell | Jim Ryan | Kaylin Richardson | Madison Rose Ostergren | Marcus Caston | Connery Lundin | JT Holmes | Grete Eliassen | Shannan Yates | Patrick Spence | Harrison Holley | Jayna Davis | Helaina Rivers | Henniyah Rivers | Henri Rivers IV | Vasu Sojitra | Pete McAfee | Jonny Moseley | Amie Engerbretson | Hannah Baybutt | Karsten Hart | Doug Rotz | Cheryl Varner | Chris Delumyea

Film Destinations
Montana | Maine | Idaho | Colorado | Utah | Alaska | California | Wyoming

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